Janitorial Operations
Quality Control Specialist


   We do more than just show a  video to the staff.  Our approch seeks to determine the random causes of poor performances and teach the correct methods to assure the associates success.  
   We target, test and develo their knowledge of products, equipment, safety regulations and their ability to perform the specifications per the contract.
    When necessary we make recomendations if these causes are not correctable through further training.


The investment in your property demmands that it looks great andrepresents the quality of your brand. Integrity Consulting LLC can help make that happen for you. Our quality control inspections  serve as a productive tool in the efforts to keeping your property clean, consistent, and compliant.  We address all your concerns that go into maintaing a healthy building.


Increase salary and minimum wages drive up cost for everyone yet profit margins are expected to be maintained or improved. The cost of service increases while the level of service remain the  same.  Let us help you minimize the variance by providing insight into line items on your cleaning operation budgets that can be improved, resulting in savings and a stable bottom line while maintaing a high cleaning standard. 
We can help you maintain a consistent standard of service by identifying the assigned causes of poor or decling cleaning performance.  By providing a photographic records of our findings and a quantifiable score card, we convert that data into an action plan that can be passed on to your cleaning service provider. This is a powerful tool for controling the variance in the quality of service that may exist. We perform a bi weekly or monthly follow up with your vendor and submit a written progress report  for your review. 
Production rates, staffing  and supervision greatly impact your janitorial cost. These factors determine what you pay but not necessicerily what you recieve. 

Maintaining a healthy enviornment doesn’t have to be overly complicated, at least on your end. You don't need us to ramble on about products or technology although these are important steps. What you are looking for is a company that is reliable, understands janitorial processes and proceedures, and will do a good job. Well, you've found us.