We endevor to become a new and relevant asset in the building services industry by providing viable solutions to the service gap created by an exit of experienced managers, supervisor, and specialist in the janitorial services industry  as companies restructure, and  right size.


We value our word over an increased profit margin. We will remain driven by loyalty and sound ethics in our pursuit of business opportunities, our service efforts and our relationships with clients and industry professionals as we  provide relevant and potent information that offer viable solutions for improve service.


Integrity Consulting LLC in Corona, California was  formed in 2014 by its owner after 30 years of service  in the janitorial industry. Over the years I've gained valuable experience and insight having began my career at the bottom as a front line associate and concluded it as a Branch Manager for one of the nations leading building service providers. I am one of those baby boomers who like so many others are exiting the industry as the landscape changes to an even faster paced, lower cost, driven models of the cleaning companies.


Time is precious and irreplaceable.  We  offer  ours so you can maximize yours.